About Products

Universal Wheelcovers / Hubcaps
Universal and/or direct fit OE style aftermarket Wheelcovers / Hubcaps are made of high quality ABS plastic. Most caps are universal unless indicated by a specific make/model/year. Universal Hubcaps will fit most standard (stock) steel wheels. Please note; Hubcap size is determined by tire size. Example: If you have 16 inch tires, you have 16 inch wheels and require 16 inch hubcaps.

Stock (OEM) Wheelcovers / Hubcaps
(OEM) Wheelcovers/Hubcaps replace the original wheelcover. Note: The terms wheelcovers and hubcaps are often interchanged. Wheelcovers cover the entire stock steel wheel on the vehicle. Most OEM wheelcovers are not universal and fit a specific make/model/year. Our (OEM) hubcaps are reconditioned back to factory specifications.

Stock (OEM) Replacement Wheels / Rims
Factory (OEM) and (OE) replica Wheels / Rims are intended to replace the stock wheels that originally came on a specific make/model/year. Please note: The terms wheels and rims are interchangeable. We offer OEM reconditioned and new OE Replica wheels, both manufactured and remanufactured by D.O.T. approved ISO-9000 manufacturing plants; they are tested and inspected. We consider replica and reconditioned wheels to be the same and will provide the most readily available option unless a specific wheel type is requested.

Stock (OEM) and Universal Center Caps / Axle Covers
(OEM) and Universal Center Caps / Axle Covers for alloy and/or steel wheels fit the middle of the wheel. Note: The terms center caps, hubcaps and axle covers are often interchanged. Our insurance grade used OEM center caps are in excellent condition (like new).

Universal Truck, Semi and Cargo Van Wheelcovers
Universal Truck, Semi and Cargo Van Wheelcovers; also referred to as simulators, hubcaps and/or liners fit steel wheels and are most often made of T304L grade stainless steel. Simulator size is determined by tire size. For example, a vehicle with R16 tires requires 16 inch simulators. Most sets, unless stated as universal, are manufactured to fit a specific application (make/model/year) as well as wheel type. This allows for a better fit; unlike sets which are manufactured to fit multiple applications.

Wheel Skins
Wheel Skins, also referred to as simulators, imposters, hubcaps or wheelcovers, are designed to fit a specific steel or alloy wheel for a specific make/model/year(s); they are NOT Universal Fit. Wheel Skins are made of impact resistant ABS plastic and come in chrome, black and other color options as indicated.